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 Majority of YouTube gamers say no to pay for playMon 28 Jul
 OkCupid says experimenting with consumers is a good thingMon 28 Jul
 Get 50 minutes of online reputation management advice from @AndyBeal for free!Mon 28 Jul
 Friday Roundup: AdWords gets dynamic, Yahoo gets Flurry and moreFri 25 Jul
 Amazon rewards Prime Members who choose slower shippingFri 25 Jul
 Facebook reports 19 percent increase in daily active usersThu 24 Jul
 LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content skips the page and goes straight to the targetThu 24 Jul
 Thanks to our Channel SponsorsThu 24 Jul
 Study shows mobile social users are more active and engagedWed 23 Jul
 Back-to-school shopping is a family affair [Infographic]Wed 23 Jul
 Facebook improves mobile ad performance with device specific targetingWed 23 Jul
 Amazon Wallet takes the online retailer into the real worldTue 22 Jul
 Online retailers say paid search is tops for customer acquisitionTue 22 Jul
 The Facebook backlash? The rise of private online journalsTue 22 Jul
 Sports apps have the highest abandonment rate. How sticky is your app?Mon 21 Jul
 Save now, read later: Facebook adds bookmarking option to postsMon 21 Jul
 Read all you want for less than the cost of a single book: Kindle UnlimitedFri 18 Jul
 F-commerce, T-commerce, P-commerce: Social media tries againFri 18 Jul
 Pinterest adds follow option for interestsThu 17 Jul
 Facebook releases new app for celebs only. Well, la-de-daThu 17 Jul

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